Friday, January 09, 2009

Design... Stop taking it so seriously

Probably the motto of our generation. We are living in a time when experiments of any visual or creative nature are possible, when you can go out there and express your twisted mind in a contorted piece of design, be it graphic, industrial or architectural. This of course creates also a lot of bad design, hence the incredibile amount of bashers (me not included) and maaaaany just plain haters.
Which brings me to this. I absolutely love it (probably the communist era opens up the appetite for kitsch-revival). I surely am not the only one, but, again, the number of haters and flamers and their determination to bash it and not only this one (almost every post on dezeen is met with great hatred by the readers) is almost disturbing.
Design and the act of designing has reached a level where it's really all subjective, you stop having a rulebook or recipes and as a bald, wise man once said it's all a mather of choice.

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