Wednesday, December 23, 2009

That's not really that bad + holiday cheers

Instead of working on a comic project which i will post later on, i surf the web and do minimalistic postcards. But in my weekly reading of design blogs that happened this morning, I discovered this, a top 10 of the greatest movie posters of the decade. The selection is really good, but my surprise was the number 10 poster, none other than "Moartea domnului Lazarescu". Scrubs meets House meets Romania, sarcastic and gritty and unfortunately so true.

But off to holiday cheering. 5 minutes of photoshop and 2 of photoshop lightroom equals this:

Friday, December 18, 2009

Instant House [competition entry]

Ok, so it has finally happened, the winners of Instant House have been announced and .... [drum roll] of course I wasn't one of them. But that was just my and 190 or so other teams story. The theme was to create a temporary housing unit near infrastructure nodes, preferably in the Milan area. I kinda like the winning project, it's simple and on the spot, but what escapes me is that I understood from the project theme that you had to insert the instantness of the housiness into a context, you had to design in relation to an actual site. You needed to present some renderings and perspectives that are related to a site. But I don't see any of that in the winning projects. Not that I really integrated that story into my project... But hey, let's talk some more about me :D

So... My idea was to offer maximum flexibility and mobility to a module i found deemed to be a part of a functional living space in an super fast urban context. I made three modules, one for a living area, one for a dining/kitchen/bathroom contraption and one for a sleeping area. Then, I mixed them all up to become parasites of the urban context, signals for different events in the Milan area. Maximum flexibility with minimum costs. Each module could have a different look, you could use a variety of wooden panels as walls and you could use the modules as advertising area. Here is a look at what i proposed.