Sunday, January 17, 2010

Urbanism_master plan nearby Bucharest

For the latest urbanism studio project, we (myself and dimitrie) had to propose in quite a short amount of time a masterplan for an area near an important intersection (that really doesn't exist yet, but it is planned to sit on top of several gated comunities recently built) at the outskirts of Bucharest.

Our take on the project was to create several "islands" that we will connect on multiple layers (peripheral roads, axial roads and pedestrian walkways). After the "islands" were established we proposed central public spaces for each one, spaces that thanks to Dimitrie's excellent programing skills (Grasshoper and Rhino) are distorting the initial urban grid of 130 m by 130 m making it more permeable and responsive to the given input, creating an organic urban tissue.

We concentrated on making the plan both functional (easy to walk and easy to drive from one part to another) and flexible (the proposed grid can have an almost infinit number of combinations, quite the ilot ouvert kind of concept).

Programs used: Rhino, Grasshoper, Depthmap; renderings: Vray, Photoshop; layout: Illustrator.

Another interesting aspect of the project was the model. It had to describe urban textures. While other stole grandmas beads or grandpas heart medication (you know who you are!!!), we thought we will illustrate the organic nature of our gesture, the wave like urban skyline we were proposing. A short clip of it being made will be published soon.

I've always found the urbanism studio very interesting and challenging. Last year, with Drr we created a horse that stood between a lake and a forest. This year, we made a crocodile purse. What will come next? What strange new beast we will next illustrate?

Project teachers: Tiberiu Florescu, Sebastian Guta who we would like to thank for the suport and assistance.

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